We build apps people love to use. With a small yet efficient team of skilled designers and engineers, we will help you make the best out of your idea, with good design and the best technology.

Previous Work

prkng is the ultimate companion to drivers. It helps deal with complicated parking rules and reminds you to move your car to avoid a ticket. Currently available in Montreal & Quebec city. It will be expanding to other cities soon.

Muzooka is a music discovery app that connects listeners, artists and producers. All the music is free to listen. You can create playlists, share and vote on songs an help them reach fame. Building this app from ground up was a very fun challange.

ViKO Catalog app is an Enterprise iPad app to help Viko customers use their gift points to pick and get items of their choice. It's basically a shopping app with points as the only currency.

Need consultancy?

We are based in Istanbul, Turkey. We can help you kickstart your next iOS App with Swift or Objective C, Android App with Java. We are also fluent at JavaScript (both good old browser side JS and node.js), Go. We can provide remote and on-site consultancy for your projects.

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